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Multimedia Content

Once you have decided that you need a website, or that you want to ugrade your existing one, it is important that you make it as engaging as possible. The days of fuzzy backing music, huge pink fonts and starry sky backgrounds are well and truly over (yay!).

Chillibean Design is well placed to generate multimedia web content to hold your customers in the place you want them - on your site, browsing and buying your products. With the advent of youtube and other streaming content sites, people stopped reading reams of text and now expect their content delivered in a more visually engaging format.

Video and animation are the buzz words of today's web audience. Chillibean Design can deliver upbeat product and sales mesages delivered through a veriety of formats including streaming video, presenter delivered messages, 2D and 3D animations and graphics.

Looking at a web site is no longer just a boring trrawl through acres of text, it is an engaging and entertaining experience. Embrace the future and talk to us about your website's possibilities.



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