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Chillibean Design is an Isle of Wight based graphic design company. Bringing together several years experience working in the field of imaging and graphic design, we are able to provide you with an excellent level of design service. We produce high quality designs for a range of uses such as brochures, web sites, vehicle and business insignia, logo design, corporate ID, letterheads, business cards, packaging, large and small format printing; a complete range of design services. Download our portfolio brochure here.

There is no more important an aspect in today's business environment than to have a strong identity both in print, and on the web. The presence of the internet is huge in today's society. If your business has a poor (or no!) internet presence, it risks missing out on a signifianct chunk of your potential market. It makes sense to optimise your business' web persona to maximise this important sales potential.

Chillibean is all about bringing the customer's vision to reality. We don't just produce something that only we think is great, and you are left wondering about. Development of a web campaign or any print publicity is always a joint venture between the business owner/manager and ourselves. Only with such an integrated approach can any design campaign be successful, and more importantly, fruitful.

Chillibean Design is a professional and friendly service. Contact us today to have a chat about your requirements.



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